From the moment you apply to join us we will try to make your first experience of UKPC a friendly, positive experience and we will provide you with the knowledge and tools to be effective in your role from day one. Click on our employees below to read about their roles and experience with us, what they enjoy, how their careers have developed, what a typical day looks like and generally what of our people think of working at UKPC.

National Co-Ordination Manager

I started my career in 2009 as a car park attendant covering a Bank and a Cinema car park in South Buckinghamshire. I covered the site during office hours and noticed there was a major problem with parking. I ensured the car park was manned in a professional manner and provided good customer service to the car park users/client.

I use to travel 30miles to work and back each day. Following conversations with head office staff I was offered more sites in my local area. I managed to cover these sites along with my other sites. I was fortunate to be selected as a Senior Warden for London North area which included approx 9 staff, covering a 100mile radius and approx 300 sites. I developed this team over a 6month period and we achieved region of the quarter 2 months running- July until Dec 2010.

I was then made aware that the London South Senior Warden had stepped down and I was offered the opportunity to cover this position on a temporary basis. I accepted this challenge and with the same structure as London North we managed to win the next 2 region of the quarters Jan-May2011.

Due to an increase in staff and sites a new role was created, Regional Supervisor-London and I was pleased to take this position

In October 2011 I moved into a new role, National Co-Ordination Manager which was responsible for overseeing all the teams across the UK, I am currently in this role and travel all over the U.K developing our staff

The private parking industry has allowed me to use and develop my skills I gained studying Business I.T at University and I particular enjoy the various challenges I face on weekly basis and enjoy working with people.

Senior Internal Co-ordinator

I’m Layla Young and my career with UKPC began five years ago. I was employed as a warden and assigned to a static site which I really enjoyed but I knew that I could offer more to the company, I was given some local residential sites which moved me onto a “mobile” round. I drove up to 45 miles a day covering around 18 sites. During my first six months I gained more sites to patrol and communicated directly to Head Office, shortly after I was promoted to Senior Warden and managed a small team of wardens, this involved guiding them throughout their day and feeding back information to Head Office on a daily basis. I then became an Area Supervisor and gained responsibility for a team in Bristol. I visited this team twice a month to ensure they had the correct support and continued to patrol my own sites in the Surrey and Sussex areas.

Area Managers were then introduced to oversee the Team Leaders and to assist the National Co-Ordination manager in running regions around various parts of the country, the region I was selected to manage was Southern and Midlands. I am currently in this role, I no longer patrol sites but am now managing five teams of between 6-14 wardens, undertaking any administration that comes along with this task, I still have the opportunity to travel each of these areas at least twice a month and enjoy meeting with the Team Leaders and Wardens on a regular basis.

HR Manager

I’m Corrine the HR Manager at UK Parking Control. I started working with UKPC in October 2011, after graduating from the University of Brighton with a Business Studies BA (Hons).

When I first started with UK Parking Control I joined as the HR Assistant. Being within this role exposed me to learn and understand the world of HR and be more hands on! Initially as it was only myself and the HR Manager, Fiona Snelgrove I was able to gain so much experience within the HR side of the business. I was also able to experience the day in the life of a Parking Attendant when I went on site visits with the National Co-ordination Manager to meet the warden’s onsite, introduce myself and to understand what it is like outside of the office. This was a great experience as it allowed me to analyse HR situations which may affect the wardens more effectively.

Within my role as the HR Assistant I carried out a wide variety of tasks from answering any HR related queries anyone had, all the way through to putting all the new starters contracts and uniform boxes together and sending out additional supplies requested by the Parking Attendants. I was able to learn how to use the payroll system which allowed me to carry out this task if there was annual leave to cover and also assisted with telephone interviews and co-ordinating temporary marshals for sites around the UK. I also had the opportunity to go out with the Training Manager and experience the whole interview and initial training process.

Having been given the opportunity to join UKPC after graduating, I’ve always wanted to succeed and move forward and UK Parking Control always recognise hard work and dedication. There is so much support across all the departments which are great aspects of working for UK Parking Control.

A year and a half later in May 2013 I was given the promotion to move into the HR Manager role, following Fiona becoming the HR and Operations Director. Moving into this role has allowed me to continue growing and learning so much more, and being more practical within HR. In addition I now conduct any disciplinary or appeal hearings and manage the company fleet of vehicles. With the continued growth of the company I now also manage the Training and Recruitment team.

My highlights of working for UK Parking Control are seeing how much the company has grown within the last 3 years! I have learnt so much about the HR function within a business.

Also the support and recognition, I know you can be in so many companies and feel lost and just 1 of many, but at UKPC you feel part of a team where any ideas or improvements are always encouraged!

Appeals administrator

My name is Shirley and I am an Appeals administrator within UK Parking Control. I have held this position since March 2012. When I first started working for UKPC I worked part time as my daughter had just started school and I wanted to be hands on for school pick ups etc. The company understood this and accommodated me. After six months I realised that I really enjoyed working for UKPC and was learning so much. As the appeals department was developing I offered to work full time. A decision I have never regretted.

My role within the Appeals department consists of answering many appeals received by post or through our website. Each appeal is so different so my day is never monotonous. You have to be a decision maker to work within the appeal department. It helps if you are a good communicator as some callers are challenging.

My knowledge within the appeals department is vast and diverse and improved greatly since joining along with my confidence.

The company recognise and encourage talents and are very supportive for self development. Many courses have been on offer. We regularly attend team building events that really helps with morale as well as being good fun.

It is the people I work with that make my job enjoyable and no matter what the day throws at you we normally end it with a laugh.

I have recently been promoted to Team Leader, a role I am really looking forward to. Learning new skills and taking on new challenges.

Working for a Parking Enforcement company may not be for everyone but UKPC changes the perception by investing in it’s staff and putting people first.

Appeals Team Manager.

My name is Lorraine and I am an Appeals Team Manager within UK Parking Control Ltd.

I have been with the Company since October 2009, initially part time as an Appeals Officer working with one of our large retail clients, I then moved into another part time role as the office Receptionist in March 2010.

From there I progressed into Sales as a part time Administration assistant in March 2012 and then made the decision to go back to work full time and successfully obtained the role of Appeals Team Manager.

My first role was really great, as it was a back to work role after becoming a Mum and it provided me with an understanding of the business and allowed me to gain back my confidence in the office work place.

My additional part time roles allowed me to progress through the company and gain a greater understanding of the business including best practices and processes. My current role as an Appeals Team Manager involves working with a great team of people using my knowledge and skills to guide and support when making every day decisions on Appeals.

The Department is now responsible for a variety of business needs ranging from reissuing charges, payments, permits and various administration reports as well as Appeals.

My business knowledge has increased tremendously since obtaining this role and I enjoy the opportunity given in providing best practices.

It’s the people I work with who help me enjoy my job, no matter what kind of a day I’m having, the team I work with and the people around me always make my day just that much better.

In the last 2 years or so, my highlight would have to be improving the Appeals process and simplifying processes and providing my team with the tools required to work to the best of their ability.

Going back to work and joining UKPC after a 5 year break was the best decision I have ever made!!
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